Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Clothcraft Clothes in Cleveland

I recently visited the Clothcraft Clothes warehouse in Cleveland with Jocelyn. This building was owned by the Joseph & Fiess Co. and opened in 1846. Joseph & Fiess manufactured men's apparel for Hugo Boss. The company discontinued production in 1997 and the building was sold in 2000 to developers Ameri-con, with plans to turn the space into condominiums. The project has seen little movement in the following years and is now occupied by many homeless people. A decent exploration with a few disturbing moments. Which included seeing a pair of cheerleader's pom poms on the basement floor of the first building, a women's purse on a stripped down box spring frame, and a pair of young boy's underoos and transformers blanket on the floor of the second building.

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zealot said...

good stuff. last one is dead creepy